40 Fun Top Tips to know before booking A golf trip to Ireland

The Caddy | 40 Fun Irish Golf Travel Tips

Planning The Irish Golf Trip

  • Do allow more time to go on a little tour of the landmarks that will be in the towns and surrounding areas.
  • Save yourself over 60 hours of work, a lot of grief, hassle dealing with golf courses and hotels. Select a group captain, let the captain take care of the organisation and communication to the group.
  • If this is your first time to Ireland? Please, buy a book on Ireland’s history and read up before you travel.
  • Do insist on bringing your wife or partner; there are plenty of things to do in Ireland if your wife or parent is not a golfer.
  • The Irish tourist traps! There is only one really, Temple Bar Dublin.
  • Don’t ask people to come that you don’t know that well; that can be interesting after day four!
  • Unpack your golf bag and repack your golf bag with the bare essentials. You don’t need to bring along the kitchen sink! It would be a massive bag if you had to carry it.
  • Don’t forget a sat nav! Activate an international phone plan! Retail Car and transport companies are also likely to have wifi units available to hire.
  • Don’t forget to change your voicemail on your phone. Also, your email vacation reminder, check your data package before your step on the plane.
  • Don’t forget to let your boss know that you are networking and building new relationships with new potential customers.

Your Travel Bag

  • Do pack your camera; this is essential to retain lasting memories (or your phone camera will be just fine).
  • Bring along a prayer book; as only God knows when it will stop raining!!
  • Do pack for all seasons and pack light. Also, please take a look at THIS LINK for more information about what to pack on an Irish or Scottish Golf Tour.
  • Do pack black and khaki pants colours. Coffee and Guinness stains would be easily spotted. Also, both colours can be matched with about every shirt colour you have in your wardrobe.
  • Do pack your dental floss, toothpaste and brush! The person sitting next to you the following morning will appreciate your efforts.
  • You can buy an Irish cell phone on arrival – it can make life cheaper if you get lost! (Check out prepaid phone carriers sim cards or phones for Ireland).
  • Don’t forget an extra pack of tape, plasters and band-aids
  • Remember your medications or otherwise, it can be a trip to a local Irish Doctor to obtain a medical prescription for your forget medications.
  • Yes! Don’t forget your rainwear and sunblock!
  • Please, don’t forget extra golf balls & it’s cheaper to buy at home
  • Buy a Swiss-army knife and pack it in your golf bag – there are a million things you can use it for.

The Irish Culture

  • Do say hello to everyone and enjoy the Craig where ever that may take you!
  • Try to speak a few Irish words to other Irish people, and you should get a fun response.
  • Do ask shop vendors for their best price; you might find an unexpected deal!
  • If you can! Attend a GAA Hurling or Gaelic Football match.
  • Certainly, wait two minutes or more before drinking a pint of Guinness after being served.
  • Avoid trying to tell a joke in an Irish accent. It never seems to work!
  • Don’t be offended by the Irish people making gentle making fun comments about not so funny situations… This can is quite standard practice amongst Irish people, and this is called “slagging”.
  • Don’t ever feel alone. Take a trip to the local pub, and after a while, you will have another group of buddies by the end of the night!
  • Don’t drive on the right-hand side of the road; we drive on the left!
  • Don’t bother asking anyone “have you ever seen a leprechaun recently? “Trust me, you should, and we all know that leprechauns do not exist.
  • Kerryman logic “Don’t be a spanner but enjoy the tools in a toolbox.”

Playing Golf in Ireland
  • Always buy rain gloves and a pack of playing cards. Rain gloves can be found in a golf shop, and the playing card can be found at most newsagent airport shops.
  • Just play the caddy yardage!  Do play 5 yards less than to the flag (as the ball tends to bounce on an extra few yards)
  • Seek golf instruction if you play crap after day 1 or day 2!
  • Practice chip & run, bunker, texas wedge shots and putting before you travel.
  • Believe!!! I do believe in miracles – anyone can make a hole in one!
  • Please do observe the course and clubhouse rules at each golf course. Notably, clubhouse rules will vary from club to club and take a moment at each course to find out what to do and not to do. As some courses can be particular 
  • Don’t believe everything you hear from the Caddies. In fact, a caddy telling a true story can be a very rare commodity.
  • You don’t want to spin the ball in the wind. To control your spin, use golf balls that suit you. If you don’t know what ball suits you, get fitted for your correct ball to play.
  • Don’t be short! On the green; a putt that is uphill and into the wind – that putt will be slow, very slow.
  • Don’t believe the starter at any golf course; they will tell you what you want to hear to get off the first tee as soon as possible.
  • Don’t forget to buy your round at the 19th!!!

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