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15th Hole at The K-Club

Playing Golf at the K-Club

This is a quick review of the K-Club and PGA playing tips golf K-Club. Albeit, the hole tips are general, certainly, my tips will save you shots! The Palmer Course hosted the Ryder Cup back in 2006, Paul McGinley and the other Irish Ryder Cup players certainly did shine! Team Europe beat the USA team by 18.5 points to 9.5 points. Notably, the best player for the USA was Tiger Woods winning 3 points out of 5 matches and Sergio Garcia winning 4 points out of 5 matches for the European Team.

Palmer Course scorecard information:

  • Blue tee, championship course 7,350 yards
  • White tee, medal/members course 6815 yards
  • Green Tee, visitor/forward course 6,240 yards
  • Red tee, ladies course 5,131 yards

Front Nine 

H1 Par 4,

Shoot for the right side of the fairway the best approach to this green. Note the length of the green before making your final club selection.

H2 Par 4,

Indeed, play for a tee shot straight down the middle is good. Also, add a club for your approach shot to deal with the elevated green. The green is narrow with a well-protected back pin position.

H3 Par 3,

The wind will play a factor for your club selection and notice that the green angles away from right to left. That been said, add more club if the pin is positioned on the left side of the green.

H4 Par 5,

If you are a big hitter, the player can hit this par 5 in two shots, but both tee and second shots required to keep left to avoid the trees on the right. Otherwise, play the hole in 3 shots to the green to give yourself a good chance of a birdie.

H5 Par 4,

Notably, this hole is a similar play to the 2nd hole, but the green is tricky here and I suggest playing for the centre of the green for your 2nd shot.

H6 Par 4,

Nonetheless, for big hitters, the fairway ends with a water hazard. Followed by playing from a sloping lie will test your metal for your approach shot.

H7 Par 4,

Conversely, I would say that this is probably the most intimidating hole on the course. Notably, take dead aim for the middle of the fairway and trust the yardage to hit for the centre of the green.

H8 Par 3,

In particular to this hole, keep to left-side of the green. If you hit the ball to the right side of the hole, there is a very good chance your ball will end up in the river Liffey.

H9 Par 4,

To gain the best view of the green for your second shot, you will need to hit your tee shot up the left side of the fairway. The green slopes from front to back and taking ½ a club off your club selection is not a bad play.

Back Nine

H10 Par 5,

The trees on the left are in play and closer than you think. Additionally, take dead aim for the right centre of the fairway, and it’s a long par 5, therefore keep to the right side and the green slopes from front to back.

H11 Par 4,

Setting up your second shot is all to do with an accurate tee shot. If possible, measure your distance to the left side of the fairway as the hole doglegs left.

H12 Par 3,

Play for the right centre of the green and watch out for the swirling wind.

H13 Par 4,

A tighter tee shot and accuracy is required for both shots. If you have a terrible lie in the rough, lay up your second shot and play for the up and down. There is water on the right and bunkers on the left of the green. While the green slope from left to right, missing the green on the left side is not friendly to golfers chances to get up and down.

H14 Par 3,

Certainly, this is a long par 3 and the green slopes from front to back. So aim from the front part of the green.

H15 Par 4,

For one thing, aim your tee shot down the left side of the fairway and you are playing to raise green for your second shot. Make the club selection adjustment to play an extra club, but always adjust your golf club selection to factor in the wind.

H16 Par 5,

This is my favourite hole on the course, a small green to play into for 3rd shot or if you are going for the green in two shots.

H17 Par 4,

Similar to the tee shots required on the 11th & 13th holes. However, hitting a left shot means water.

H18 Par 5,

Nevertheless, the 18th is a great finishing hole for golfers to enjoy. Additionally, the hole may offer you a mix of eagles, birdies, pars and double bogeys to keep your fellow competitors interested!

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