Top 3 Irish Golf Holes

Where are your Top 3 Irish Golf Holes?

What are your top 3 Irish golf holes you would play over and over again! Well, I bet that it is difficult to pick three holes from all the Irish courses that you have played. Therefore, I decided to start with courses in the Southwest of Ireland.

Over the past 30 years or, I have played almost all of the courses in the Southwest of Ireland. Finally, I came to the decision after a long think that my top three holes are from the following courses; Old Head Golf Links, Lahinch Golf Club, and Waterville Golf Links.

Golf Southwest of Ireland, Lahinch Golf Club
6th Hole at Lahinch Golf Club

Lahinch Golf Club, 6th hole.

Scorecard Lahinch Golf Club .

Starting with Lahinch Golf Club. The 6th at Lahinch golf club is my favourite hole in golf that I have played to date. The hole is a dogleg left where the initial tee shot is not blind, but there is a big bunker that golfers can’t see off the tee that may catch golf balls that over hit the fairway. 

Ideally, golfers need to play a good tee shot to the right side of the fairway. Mainly, because the right side of the fairway is flatter than the left. If you are a strong hitter of the ball, beware of the hell bunker. As previously mentioned, the fairway runs into a deep bunker approx. 270 yards from the White Tee. It is best to avoid that hazard at all costs!

Also, I recommend playing the approach shot to the left centre of the green. But, please consider reducing the amount of club to hit since the green is located lower than the fairway. The green has two levels and slopes from back to front that golfers can see from the fairway. There is no room for error missing the green, short, long, left or right. In addition, the greenside bunkers on the right are treacherous and please avoid!

I must say that I really like the view of the Atlantic ocean walking from the peak of the fairway down towards the green. The 6th is such a beautiful and difficult hole!  

The Old Head Golf Links 

The awesome Razor’s Edge 4th hole at Old Head.

Top 3 Irish Golf Holes, Old Head Golf Links


The 4th Hole at Old Head! Ah-ha! A wayward tee shot left will place the ball nicely into the Atlantic Ocean. Also, should a golfer finish on the right side of the hole. The fairway slopes towards the ocean leaving an awkward lie with the ball above your feet. Which is a hook lie and can send the ball left into the Atlantic!

The green is narrow and approx 45 yards in length. The 1st part and 2nd part of the green slopes from right to left or to the ocean! However, for golfers that over hit and miss the green left, the ball will be in the sea. Also, for golfers that hit right of the green, the ball may bounce off the wall and end up in the Atlantic. But, playing short of the green is safe. 

My ideal line off the tee is hitting between the bunkers to the left centre side of the fairway. Also, I would recommend playing an approach shot that finished below the hole for the best chance to make birdie! Whereas, if the ball is lying poorly off the tee shot, then play safe to the front of the green to chip and putt.

Essentially, the vistas along the 4th hole are just beautiful, and the view from the tee of the hole on the cliff that slopes towards the sea. Then, there is the backdrop of the lighthouse and the sounds of the sea as you walk towards the green. Clearly, hitting the ball close to the hole with your approach shot is difficult. For me, this hole is all about hitting a well-placed tee shot. Followed up by a quality second shot to the centre of the green. Whereas the golfer’s ability to control the shot distance and accuracy are essential to playing the hole well. 

Top 3 Golf Holes, Old Head Golf Links
The 4th Hole at Old Head Golf Links

Waterville Golf Links

Waterville Golf Links, Scoredcard

Mulcahy’s Peak 17th hole.

Such a great par 3 and I love it! Obviously, the strength and wind direction are significant factors that affect club selection. Without question, the hole requires one of the best shots of the day.

Since the tee boxes are located at a higher point than the green, the hole should play less than the yardage on the day. The hole plays from 195 to 150 yards depending on the tee box in play and again, how much the wind will affect the shot. Sadly, missing the green to left or right, short or long means a difficult up and down.

Also, I find reading the green difficult. Mainly, this is due to the green sloping from back to front and sizeable breaks that cause so much misery! The 3-foot putts are tricky, and I am not a giver!

The hole is beautifully set against the backdrop of the Mountains along the Kerry Way. I find the 17th hole at Waterville is a good hole for setting up a wager! Since the 17th hole is ranked at index 16, it a good hole to bet the house. 

 Such as the reasons why I like the 17th green at Waterville and I have been lucky often on the 17th hole. Yes, it would be a dream to bag a hole in one at the 17th; however, I must keep living the dream for that to happen. 

Top 3 Irish Golf Holes
Waterville Golf Links 17th Hole

What are your top 3 Irish golf holes?

Please feel to comment and let us know your thoughts. Also, for a list of the best Irish Golf Courses to play please click on this link to read on to a blog post on the best Irish Golf courses to play in 2020 and 2021.

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