Concierge Golf Ireland 7 Day Travel Pack


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Concierge Golf Ireland’s 7-day Travel Pack consists of a range of products from the Forever Living range. Aloe Gelly to apply to skin in case of wind or sunburn.  The Aloe sun cream is a high factor to apply to protect skin from UVA and UVB. Aloe Lips to keep the lips from drying up. In most hotels, the soaps can be harsh on our skin and the Aloe soap is wonderful for face and body wash. Also, Add ARGI+ to water and dissolve, drink that down and let the Argentine help with blood flow, apply Aloe Cooling lotion to warm up muscles before play and the MSM Gel can be applied to the ligament and joint locations after play. Forever Bee Pollen can be a lovely product to help with hay fever and allergies.


In Stock

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