Golf Tips playing the Wind

Playing Golf in the Wind.

Nevertheless, we all know that the wind can be one of the biggest obstacles to posting a good score on any golf course. Mainly, the strength of the wind is also the most significant factor in posting your best scores on links courses! The wind can affect the ball flight so much that guess what club to play can be anything between 1 club to 5 clubs. Which also depends on how much you clubs spin the ball and how high or low you typically hit the ball.

For a standard punch shot. Golfers could set the ball position to the centre of the golf stance and grip the handle of the club down the shaft to the same length as the sand wedge. The punch shot is traditionally one method for playing shots into the wind. Essentially keeping a ball flight lower to the ground. Try the punch shot with 7 and 5 irons to see how this type of shot could workout for you! Notably, for downwind tee shots, golfers can tee the ball higher, load more weight than normal onto the back foot and try to hit the ball high into the air as you can! Try it and watch the BOOM!! See how far you can hit the ball downwind?

Additionally, for better balance and another method to golfing in the wind. Golfers widen your stance, balance off weight 50:50 ratio from right to left at addressing the golf ball. Also, take a few practice swings to feel a shorter backswing with a shorter follow through and avoid trying to hit the ball too hard! Here we are looking at a 3/4 shot with softer hit on the ball. Also, experiment with hitting

Putting in the Wind

Conversely, depending on how long your putter is; centre the ball position and grip down a little and quicken and shorten your stroke. A timing tip for putting in the wind, count 1, 2, 3, 4 then hit!

The biggest tip! If possible AVOID hitting bunker shots into the wind as bunker shots can be brutal to play in the wind! However, take onboard the golf tips playing the wind. The tips are essential to help golfers develop playing golf in the wind.

Finally, my main final tip is to enjoy playing golf in Ireland, Scotland, Cabot Links in Canada, over at Bandon Dune in Oregan or where-ever that maybe. Keep smiling and keep playing!

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