Copperhead at Innisbrook Golf Resort

Copperhead, the Golf Course

The following is Concierge Golf Ireland’s guide to playing the Copperhead Golf Course at Innisbrook Golf Resort near Tampa Florida. Having played Copperhead quite a number of times over the last 10 years; I have noted my thought about saving golfers a few shots the next time they play golf at Copperhead. I am going to talk about playing the golf course from the green tees and playing the best shots. The greens are tricky but very fair. I find the greens easy to read and but, the pace of the greens can be hard to feel at times. Copperhead Innisbrook Golf Resort is a must play.

1st Hole, Innisbrook’s View, 528 yards par 5

If the 1st hole is playing downwind and if you can carry the ball over 280 yards with your driver. If quite possible that you can reach this par 5 in two shots and you should go for it. Otherwise hit a tee shot with a club that will play short of the fairway bunker on the left and play for the left centre of the fairway to give you a better look at the green for your 3rd approach shot.

2nd Hole, Second Thoughts, 371 yards par 4

A tee shot to the right centre of the fairway would be ideal. You may not need to hit your driver off the tee on this hole and note that the second shot is to a raised green and I would recommend aiming for the centre of the green for your 2nd shot.  Short left of the green is a good bailout area.

3rd Hole, Narrow Neck, 407 yards par 4

This is a very tough par 4 and you will need to play two very good to hit this green in regulation. Aim your tee shot for the left centre of the fairway and add a club extra to your club selection for your second shot to the green. I find that if I play the yardage, the ball ends up short due to the raised green which is deceiving flat looking and watch out for the wind. Also, if you are into the wind add another club for that element also.

Concierge Golf Ireland
Valspar Championship at Copperhead Innisbrook Golf Resort | Golf in Tampa Florida

4th Hole, Bunkered, 163 yards par 3

I find this par 3 tricky and I would suggest playing for the centre of the green always. Otherwise, miss the green and there are bunkers to play from.

5th Hole, Longview, 570 yards par 5

The best line is playing for the left centre of the fairway, but it is a tight landing area. Further up the fairway and over the brow, there are two trees that are located to the left and to the right side of the lay-up area. The trees with their overhanging branches may affect your ball flight to the green. So I say if you are a long hitter of the ball? I would day to smash your 2nd shot along the line for the left side of the fairway. If you are a shorter hitter of the ball lay up to the right part of the fairway and that angle should keep you safe from those trees.

6th Hole, Sidewinder, 422 yards par 4

The line is just left of the right fairway tree line and once the ball bounces along this line it should kick left onto the fairway. The fairway is important if you are a pin seeker. However, if you pull or push your tee shot into the trees? Then play the safe shot back onto the fairway and avoid been tempted playing through the narrow gaps to the green.

7th Hole, Hidden Gem, 373 yards par 4

Play a 200 yard shot for the right centre of the fairway and avoid the overhanging branches on the left. Those hanging branches will block a standard type shot and you may need to play a low running  5 iron shot short of the green and onto the green. This green slopes quite a bit from back to front and if you can play short of the pin location.

8th Hole, Drop Off, 201 yards par 3

A long par 3 and play for the centre of the green. Mainly hitting the ball short left or short right will probally end up in a bunker. I would suggeted using more club that you think and the centre section of the green is flatter and easier to chip from off the green from the mid to long section of the green complex.

9th hole, Hide Away, 392 yards Par 4

A centred tee shot is a good line here and the 23ns shot is to a raised green. If you can, I’d suggest playing for the centre of the green and try to stay short of the hole. This green slopes quite a lot from back to front.

10th hole, The Descent, 410 yards Par 4

The centre of the fairway is a good line; you are playing onto a raised green and please add 5 to 10 yards extra to your club selection. The centre of the green is a good place to play for.

Concierge Golf Ireland
Copperhead Innisbrook Golf Resort | Golf in Tampa Florida

11th hole, O’s Alley, 525 yards Par 5

I typically approach playing this hole just like the 1st hole. If you are a power player, yes, hit your driver along the line just right of the left fairway bunker. Then have a crack off hitting the green in two shots. However, there is no great need to hit driver as it’s a tight fairway. You couple hit a 200-yard shot to the right side of the fairway followed by another 200 yards or so shot to the left-hand side of the fairway. The 11th green is flatter in comparison to other greens, and I say, go for the flag with your 3rd shot regardless.

12th hole, Bridge Hole, 357 yards Par 4

A driver may not be the club to use off this tee box. The water will come into play for tee shots and measure how far to the water before selecting the club to play. Then play short of the water and the left side of the fairway is best. From the green, I suggest a shot that is approx. 170 yards from that tee block. The 2nd shot to the 12th is one of my favourite shots on Copperhead. The hole opens up with a beautiful view of the green, water, Spanish moss hanging from the trees, the wildlife and the nice open space. If the flag is in a front right position, play short of the flag if you can as the green slopes a lot from back to front in that segment of the green.

13th hole, Forced Carry, 179 yards Par 3

Don’t be short! Or you will be wet! Play for the centre of the green and take note of the grain. Down hill and down grain putts are faster than you think on the 13th hole.

14th hole, Packard’s Double Dogleg 561 yards Par 5

This hole plays a long par 5 and drive the ball long and hard for the centre of the fairway. Play your second shot up to the 120-yard area to the left side of the fairway. Typically this flatter and drier part of the fairway than the soft and downhill fairway lies you may find on the right-hand side of the fairway. You will need to play a very good 3rd/approach shot to hit the ball close to the hole. This is a good par 5.

Concierge Golf Ireland |Copperhead Innisbrook Golf Resort
Golfing Tampa Florida | The 14th fairway at Copperhead

15th Hole, Snake Bite, 182 yards Par 3

Enter the snake pit for the last 4 holes on the course. I like this par 3 and wherever the hole is located, I will take dead aim at the flag. However, playing for the centre of the green is the right shot to play. I would suggest taking a club less than the yardage suggests, this is to compensate for the green location is lower than the tee box.

16th Hole, Moccasin, 412 yards Par 4

Awesome Par 4! If you are like me and you can fade the ball a little? I would suggest aiming at the lone tree just off the left side of the fairway and the left centre of the fairway will help your view of the green. After dealing with the tough tee shot, the hardest part about the next shot is playing a high approach to hold the green. You could also play short of the green to chip & put for a par 4.

Concierge Golf Ireland | Copperhead Innisbrook Golf Resort
Golf in Tampa Florida, fairway on the 16th Hole

17th Hole, The Rattler, 181 yards Par 3

I do like playing for the centre of the green on this par 3. There is lots of trouble around this green should you miss, such as a couple of nasty bunkers to catch you if you are short and missing left is dead.

18th Hole, The Copperhead. 390 yards Par 4

A right centred tee shot up the middle of the fairway is required to avoid all the bunkers left and right. I would suggest playing short of the hole to give yourself an uphill putt with a chance to finish without a snake bite!

Concierge Golf Ireland, Innisbrook Golf Resort
18th fairway at Copperhead, Lee Westwood at the Valspar Championship

Dooley Noted on Copperhead, Innisbrook Golf Resort

Have you played? Please let me know your thoughts on how you would play some of the holes differently? Its a good test of golf and worth playing a lot if you can find the time. I would suggest signing up for golf deals at Innisbrook Golf Resort to find to keep up to date with the various deals.

Written by John Dooley | Concierge Golf Ireland at Copperhead Innisbrook Golf Resort | Golf in Tampa Florida. Looking forward to Valspar PGA Championship, please CLICK HERE to read on.

For more detailed information, you can download the yardage card here at this link

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