Where is the Valspar Championship Played?

Valspar Championship Golf 2021

Where is the Valspar Championship played in 2021? The Valspar Champion 2021 will be played at Innisbrook Golf Resort on the Copperhead Golf Course from April the 26th to May 2nd. Over the past 7 years (with the exception of Covid 2020). Also, I have spectated the PGA Tour event played at Innisbrook Golf Resort, and I have walked the course numerous times watching my favourite players compete.

Indeed, watching Tiger Mania three years ago was possibly the tournament highlight to date. Specifically, from my experiences, I would like to offer the spectators some of my insights into watching the Valspar Championship 2021 at Innisbrook Golf Resort. 

The best place to view golfers on course?

Firstly, to the left of the 16th Tee is one of my favourite place to hang out and watch the golfer play through. Indeed, another place to watch from is a small hill to the left of the hospitality unit at the back of the 15th hole. Mainly, I have found this location excellent to watch players putting strokes and also, by turning around you can view golfers playing their second shots to the par 5, 14th.

Also, at the back of the 7th green is a nice place to watch more shots and the players completing the hole. Additionally, behind the 3rd green and the 4th hole is an excellent place to be, but the location is a walk away from most of the services.

If walking is a problem? Take a long break at the 12th green and watch golf for the day. Bring your camping chair and set up at Innisbrook before the morning rush. The 12th green is one of the best locations for an entire day’s golf. Mainly, relax and watch all the players come through and the atmosphere at the Owl’s Nest overlooking the 12th green becomes electric towards the end of the day.

Finally, spectators will have lots of room to walk all 18 holes watching their favourite players from start to finish.

Essentials for walking 18 holes

You must find yourself an easy to carry periscope, wear a comfortable pair of shoes and a foot tall plastic mobile step. Also, do take plenty of water!

Where is the Valspar Championship Played
Rory McIlroy at Innisbrook Golf Resort, Valspar Championship

Purchased access locations with hospitality.

Yes indeed around the 18th green is a nice place to be watching the golfers finish their rounds.

Also, the Hooters Owl’s Nest is the fun pub for a few drinks and view the approach shots into the 12th green and playing the 13th par 3.  There is more hospitality located at the back of the 16th tee and 15th green. Ah but the Snake Pit Club next to the 16th tee and there are more hospitality suites located at the back of the 14th green which is located right next to the Osprey Clubhouse at Innisbrook.

Click on this hospitality packages link for the sponsorship section to view the purchased hospitality access.

Pack the Essentials for the Valspar Championship 2021

  • A small folding stool and periscope to look over the crowd and never have a problem view.
  • Sun cream; keep out your skin out of the sun and protect your skin.
  • Bucket hat for the sun; also a bucket hat would be great to keep the sun off your ears! Also, back of your neck.
  • Hydration; drink plenty of water, and there are concessions located around the course.
  • Comfortable shoes, it’s a weekend for shorts, tee shirts, a few brews and watch great golf. Avoid the hard day walking in stiletto heels.

helpful Notes for spectators:

Please be aware of the spectators around you. If your kids are watching golf, please note that your children are your responsibility and not just kids, everyone should be respectively quiet when players are hitting.

Always be ready to do the right thing and put your trash in the trash bin. Indeed, let’s keep the golf course and surroundings litter-free.

If you are at the Valspar Championship for the day and golf is not top of your list of games to play or watch. It’s not the end of the world why not schmooze and hang out. There’s food, drinks, and much people-watching going on. Also, the event can be the favourite place for people to meet up, enjoy, and scope out attractive men and women. 

Be patient with everyone, relax and enjoy a fun day. Notably, the lineups are not likely to be too long for services, restrooms and so on. Enjoy the golf, enjoy your friends and enjoying refreshments at the Valspar Championship 2021 at Innisbrook Golf Resort. Where is the Valspar Championship Played? The event will be played at the Copperhead Golf Course at Innisbrook!

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