Planning an Ireland Golf Trip

There are a number of crucial parts to planning an International golf trip, such as booking tee times, hotels, transport and things to do. Essentially, if you are planning a golf trip you really need to understand the whole process from start to finish.

On the video clip under this text, John Dooley the owner and operator of Concierge Golf is in conversation with Derek Lane. Mr Derek Lane is a PGA member and the Director of Golf at Rolling Hills Country Club in Los Angeles. Notably, the conversation is about the key elements of planning an Ireland golf trip.  The discussion is mainly around what are the critical aspects to booking members golf trip to Ireland or Scotland. 

The following clip is part 1 of a 2 part series.

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Planning an Ireland Golf Trip from Scratch 

Planning an Ireland Golf Trip is a detailed process for any group of golfers. Essentially, your main question is to ask, what else would we like to do besides playing golf all day? You may decide that there are two parts to your golf trip. Such as playing golf is one part of the trip and the other part are the cultural experiences.

Indeed, when planning and mapping out the critical parts of the trip, it is important to identify what the group would consider a great golf trip. Such as playing the great Irish links, nice hotels to enjoy, the correct type of transportation, sights to see and the restaurants. Ireland is full of culture, some parts can be arranged or let it all happen naturally in the pub!

Initially, you must create an itinerary for the group to identify the golf courses to play, what hotels to use and the type of transport the group will require. Also, consider arranging a presentation night for your members that are interested in a golf trip to Ireland.

Important Info!

Once that information is collected and agreed, then it is time to work on the details such as the following snippet into transport selection. Ensure to arrange transport for the group that caters for all their needs, such as:

  1. Note and recommend the best airport for the group to use for the trip. 
  2. Ensure to have the correct and up to date Airlines carriers and the arrival and departure times for the group. 
  3. Will the group require one bus on arrival or multiple cars for transfers? 
  4. The correct bus size to cater to the group’s daily transport to the golf courses and back to the hotels. 
  5. Be aware of the various laws that apply to coach drivers operations. 

Once all that information is gathered, the question to ask it with what transport company should you use? A google search will identify a range of transport companies, but out of all of the search results, how do you know which are the best operators to use? Indeed, Concierge Golf partners with the best transport companies that will provide the services for all requirements. Certainly, Concierge Golf is to coordinate with multiple transfers on arrival and departure. 

Dooley Noted

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