Lahinch Golf Club

Lahinch Golf Club, South West Ireland

Lahinch Golf Club is one of the best golf links courses to play in Ireland. Notably, Lahinch GC is situated approximately northwest of Shannon airport on the west coast of Ireland and less than an hours drive. Also, both the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren Geo National Park are widely known attractions in West Clare, Ireland. Indeed, golfers from all over the world visit historical sites and play Lahinch on the same day.

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Interestingly, Lahinch was opened in 1895 by Old Tom Morris and in 1926 and sometime after Dr Alister MacKenzie re-designed the course. Without any doubt, Lahinch is the foremost links courses to play on the West coast of Ireland. Notably, Lahinch is a traditional Irish golf links course. Essentially, the front nine is played away from the clubhouse and the back nine is played back to the clubhouse. 

What to expect at Lahinch Golf Club

Not unlike any links golf course, Lahinch Golf Club has it all. Lahinch is a tough links course to play well.  Also, I apply the following rationale to rank my golfing experiences. Maybe you could too? 

  1. Indeed the Caddy services, the most critical part to each golfer that plays Lahinch. Great caddie experiences adds so much fun and enjoyment to the day out. 
  2. Such as, how the hole plays? Meaning that after an excellent tee shot, will golfers play a long, medium or short iron shot to the green? 
  3. How difficult are bunkers, and rough to play from? 
  4. Are the blind shots fair or full of danger or tricks?  
  5. General golf course presentation based on my golf course management expectations, from my good old days working as a Golf Club Pro.  
  6. Indeed, it is important to look at the greens in play as some greens are guarded by nasty bunkers! Dealing with the slope, speed and how receptive the greens are.
  7. On course services, such as the food and beverage cart. 
  8. Golf Shop, and clubhouse services. 
  9. Notably, I would rank a golf resort in more detail. Needless to say that it is important to investigate specifically, rooms and quality of sleep. Also, the quality of the food & beverage presentation. 

Arrive Early: 

Within all things to be considered, and taking viewpoints from one to nine it is fair to make the following statement. You may brush past some of the points and not think too much about them. But once the check-in process is quick, and there is no problem with arranging a quick bite or drinks before you play. 

Also, arrive early to warm with, the putting and chipping green are next to the car park, a short game area is located right across the street. Whereas, the practice ground is a 5-minute walk from the 1st tee and the practice facilities are great. 

Front nine at Lahinch 

The course starts off with a par 4 up the hill and my tip is to listen to the caddy advice to hit enough club to get up to the green. Down the 2nd hole is a par 5. The hole plays easier downwind and be sure to keep the ball in play to give yourself a birdie chance.

Indeed, the 3rd hole is a cracker, two of your best shots are needed to hit the green and the green slopes quite a bit towards the Atlantic ocean. The 4th is ranked the easiest hole on the course, but again, keep the ball in play and give yourself a birdie chance on the short par 5. 

The Dell is a fun par 3, all you need to do is to aim and hit the ball over the white stone.  My favourite Hole at Lahinch is the 6th hole. 

The 6th Hole at Lahinch 

It’s is worth noting that the 6th hole is my favourite hole on the front nine. The golfers play from a raised tee box and the hole doglegs to the left. Ideally, you should aim to hit your tee shot down the left side of the fairway. Also, ensure that you don’t overhit the fairway as the bunker that awaits you is a major penalty.  

From the fairway (hopefully after a good tee shot) take aim for the centre of the green. Because the greenside bunkers on the right are very difficult to play from. That said, if you miss the green left, the rough is brutal and if you over hit the green, the back of the green is also very difficult to chip from. 

The green slopes from back to front and has a couple of tiers. Lots of pin positions to make the hole as difficult a test as golfers need. Indeed, a par is a good score on the 6th on any day of the week. That said making a birdie on the 6th is like Christmas!!

Notably, the front nine at Lahinch is a unique set of holes. Clearly, driving the ball straight and accurate is the key to scoring the front nine. Also, on holes three, six and seven golfers are hitting to a raised fairway. Whereas, on holes two, four and nine golfers are hitting onto a lower level fairway.  Indeed, the tee shot landing areas are much flatter on the back nine compared to the front nine. 

Links Golf Ireland at Lahinch Golf Club

The 7th is a dogleg left par 4, watch out and don’t over hit the fairway from your tee shot. The 8th is a smashing par 3 and if you can, use the green contours to bounce and roll the ball close to the hole. You just never know!

The 9th is a tricky par 4, and a left centre tee shot would give you the best line to the green. Also, missing the fairway right will leave you with quite a challenging shot. 

The Back Nine Story 

As noted the back nine has fewer sand dune elevations than the front nine. But, there are a number of holes where you will be hitting onto a slightly raised green. Such as 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th & 18th. It is worth noting, because you may need to add a few more yards to your calculations when you are selecting what club to play.

The 2 par 3s, the 11th and 16th are super fun holes. Where the 10th, 12th, 14th & 15th are really challenging par 4s. Also, the 13th is risk/reward short par 4, and the hole can be driveable downwind, with really tough greenside bunkers to play from if miss the green. Finally the 2 par 5s, the 12th and 18th can be really tricky. 

I would recommend that if you can’t hit any of the par 5s in two. Certainly, lay up to a distance that is comfortable for you to hit the green with a full sand wedge or pitching wedge. Because, if you hit your second shot too close to the green, you are left with a difficult pitch shot.

To summarise Lahinch Golf Club. Without questions. the Golf Experience is brilliant at Lahinch.   

Lahinch Golf Club News

Lahinch News for 2022

Indeed, from the outset, Lahinch is very heavily booked for 2022. The easiest thing to do is to check with Lahinch’s website. More information to follow.

Lahinch Golf Club 2021

Just like every other golf course in Ireland, Lahinch Golf Club will reopen from the 26th of April for club members only. There are a range of Covid 19 protocols that the club is following set out by the Irish Government. Notably, you can review those protocols from Certainly, I would recommend contacting the club if you have tee times booked for 2021. 

Dates of Interest for 2021. 

  • South of Ireland Championship. The dates of play are from the 21st to the 25th of July 2021. 

Dooley Noted on Lahinch Golf

Five tips to improve scoring at Lahinch Golf Club. 

  1. Always hire a caddy, as their golf course knowledge is better than yours.
  2. From the rough, play for the flyer lie to the front of the green. 
  3. Should the ball miss the green, use a putter where possible to avoid the “duff” chipped shot!
  4. Ensure you have the correct line off the tee before playing. 
  5. Play sideways with a lofted club from the heavy rough. 

OF COURSE, there are other courses to play when travel dates clash! Such as Trump Doonbeg, Dromoland Castle, Ballybunion Golf Club, Tralee Golf Club, Ennis Golf Club, Shannon Golf Club, and Castletroy Golf Club in Limerick. 

Finally, please contact us if you require any further information. Indeed, please click and read on more information about the Lahinch Golf Club. 

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