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Golf Ireland Donegal
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Golf Courses to play in Donegal Ireland

The following is a list of golf links courses to play in Donegal. Notably, In 2018 the Irish Open golf tournament was played at Ballyliffin Golf Club. Also, from the list, there are a lot of other great Irish golf links courses to play in Co. Donegal!

Playing the course length that suits your game is essential to enjoying the course to its fullest. Specifically, I will only recommend golf courses that are worth playing that are most enjoyable. Equally, there is really not one bit of enjoyment or any point in playing a course that plays too long! Therefore, I created a list of golf links course that golfers can enjoy 18 holes of golf around the 6,200 yards in length (give or take 150 yards or so). Lastly, there are fun and enjoyable parkland courses to play in Donegal, where I have listed only golf links courses. 

Golf Courses Donegal Ireland

Golf Ireland Donegal Golf Courses  Course Tee to PlayTel: add code +353Contact Email Address
Ballyliffin Glashedy LinksWhite 6,327 yards(0)74 937 6119[email protected]
Ballyliffin Old LinksYellow 6,261 yards(0)74 937 6119[email protected]
Bundoran Golf Club Blue, 6,300 yards(0)71 984 1302[email protected]
Cruit Island Golf Club9 hole course(0) 74 954 3296N/A
Donegal Golf ClubYellow 6,182 yards(0)74 973 4054[email protected]
Dunfanaghy Golf ClubWhite 5,830 yards(0)74 913 6335[email protected]
Greencastle Golf ClubWhite 5,700 yards(0)74 938 1013[email protected]
Gweedore Golf ClubWhite 6,120 yards(0)74 953 1140N/A
Narin & Portnoo Golf ClubGreen 6,343 yards(0)74 954 5107[email protected]
North West Golf ClubGold 5,920 yards(0) 74 936 1027[email protected]
Otway Golf Club9 hole course(0) 74 915 8319N/A
PortSalon Golf ClubWhite 6,185 yards(0)74 915 9459[email protected]
Rosapenna Old Tom MorrisWhite 6,283 yards(0)74 915 5000[email protected]
Rosapenna Sandy HillsYellow 5,838 yards(0)74 915 5000[email protected]

5 Day Golf Trip to Donegal 

Suggested Golf Courses 

Play golf until you drop in Donegal, from Ballyliffin over to Donegal Golf Club, the link courses are unique and fantastic. Certainly, we highly recommend the Donegal Golfing experience. 

Golfers, please contact Concierge Golf and we can arrange the range of golf courses to play, hotels, and transport to suit your needs and requirements. 

Accommodation Tips 

Golfers will enjoy Rosapenna Golf Resort. Notably, golfers could base in the town of Derry as another location for good driving access to the various golf courses. Also, golfers could use Donegal Town for playing courses on Donegal’s west coast.  It is always important to identify the list of golf courses to play in Donegal and find the best locations for hotels. 

Self-Drive Car Travelling Tips

Additionally, self-driving a rental car around Co. Donegal is challenging at the best of times. Please note that using satellite navigation such as TomTom or similar can be a better device than using mobile data for maps. Mainly, this is due to a satellite signal beaming down the information to your device, whereas the mobile device receives data from mobile masts where the signals can be weak in Donegal.

But, if you like using Google maps, Waze or Apple Maps? A person can always download the route from google maps and that map can be used offline. It just means that there are no traffic updates.

Also, please do pay attention to the driving distances and the time it will take you to travel from place to place. We recommend using Waze to identify the distance and approximately the driving time between destinations. Also, avoid local roads that are identified by a letter and numbers such as L5903 as that road is narrow!

While traveling the highways and byways of Donegal, there are some fantastic views to take in along the way. A few years ago the Irish Open was hosted by Ballyliffin Golf Club and it was a great event.

Certainly, you can avoid self-driving and just hire a car or luxury coach to transport the group.  

A Final Note

Finally, if you find the time, please try out the nine-hole courses at Cruit Island and Otway Golf Club! Golf is fun, and please enjoy!

The European Tour played the Irish Open at Ballyliffin Golf Club 2018 and it was a fab event. Certainly, contact John at Concierge Golf if you have any questions about the Northwest of Ireland Golf Tour. | email: [email protected]  | Tel: +353 212427913. Just ask for John!

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