Claremont Country Club and the Rix

Claremont Country Club

Recenly (2018) I played in a golf tournament called the Rix Invitational at Claremont Country Club. Overall the tournament was one of the most enjoyable golf events I have played in years! The tournament format is not unusual, where teams of two players play five nine-hole match play games within the team combined handicapped category (flight).

Finally, the team with the most points won from each flight progresses to the playoff. The playoff was great entertainment, and the golf format is straight foursomes. Typically since no many golfers would play that format too often, it is fair to say that anything can happen. Also, to make the course more challenging for the playoff, the greens are rolled again, and new holes are cut in very tricky areas. So much so, that players can four-putt easily, and I do recall watching a couple of players taking eight putts to get the ball in the hole. Anyhow, poor me, my team did not make the playoffs!

Eight teams of two played the 1st hole, then over to the 8th hole were five teams played, and finally, three teams progressed to the final playoff hole, the 18th. Surprisingly, two teams that advanced were from highest handicap flights (7&8) along with the winners from the lowest handicap flight played the final hole. Clearly, each of the teams was made of good old hard grit, and they all tied the 18th.

The last playoff hole was a 110-yard made-up par three from the 9th fairway hitting to the 18th green. Each team hit, the crowd were gathered around the 18th green, and they cheered loudly as two shots almost hit the green, and finally, one ball hit the green. The honours went to the top team as they made an excellent birdie to win the Rix for 2018. Great fun had by all, and definitely, this event is on my scorecard for 2019.

Claremont County Club
The 1st Hole at Claremont County Club

The Course at Claremont County Club

Notably, the course measures less than 5,800 yards from the back tees. Certainly, looking at the length of the course, it is easy to think that this course plays dead easy! However, that is not the case and Claremont Country Club plays far from easy! In the spirit of Alister Mackenzie, the club has completed numerous on-course redesigned work ensuring that the course remains as close as possible to the original course design by Dr Alister Mackenzie.

Around Greens is the Challenge:

Claremont’s greens are small targets to hit and golfers may find that the greens are very difficult to read. Not to forget, some greens slope significantly more than others which can end up baffling golfers to find a line to the hole. Whereas some putts look like an uphill or soft downhill putt, then the shot turns out to be a treacherous speed and players end up fifteen foot by the hole or off the green. More dangers! Such as, the tight lies around the greens will leave golfers with precise and difficult chip shots to play. Also, should golfers miss the greens in the wrong place relative to the flag, it’s likely that they are left with a really difficult shot to play. Finally the bunkers! The sand is consistent throughout the bunkers that I have played from (which was a lot). But, the bunkers are deep and difficult in places. Therefore overall, golfers ensure that your bunker game is in good health before playing at Claremont.

Off The Tee & Fairways:

Typically, off the tee, there is not a lot of options with approach shots should players miss fairways either left or right. The first 7 holes are tree free so to speak. Indeed, from holes 8 through to 18 there are trees, water hazards, deep bunkers and sloping fairways to deal with. However, placing the ball in the right areas from tee shots is critical to scoring otherwise you might be making a few too many doubles. More to the point, the course fairways, greens, bunkers and etc are kept in great condition by the club.

Dooley Noted Review:

Moreover, if golfers get a chance to play at Claremont, go for it. Claremont Country Club is a brilliant test of golf and the course can be played in so many different ways. Course knowledge is of significant benefit to golfers that would like to post low scores. However, may I suggest to play and enjoy the course for how the course plays on the day. If you are partial to the odd drink or two, perhaps you could try the Claremont Classic. I understand that it’s a decent pour.

Claremont Country Club is a private member’s Club. Therefore knowing a club member is the best way to play the course. Click to view another article on Claremont CC.

Please send your comments to [email protected] or contact information. Also, please take a look at this golf trip to Ireland, this is a Marathon of Irish golf courses to play.

A couple of holes from Claremont County Club yardage book.

Claremont County Club
Golf notes from Claremont’s traditional yardage book.

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