Adare Manor Golf Resort a quick review

Adare Manor Golf Resort

Adare Manor Golf Resort 15th Hole

Adare Manor is truly a wonderful golf course and WOW is this course in good shape! With approximately fifty greenkeepers taking care of the course daily, Adare is by far and above the most manicured course currently in Ireland.

The most noticeable changes to the course are that all eighteen greens are completely different than the Old Adare. The layout from holes one through eighteen has not really changed, but as I have said, it’s mainly the greens are significantly different. Notably, if you can remember the fairway shot into the 5th green? It was, for the most part, a blind second shot. Now the 5th green has been lowered into a bowl shape green. Thus meaning that if you miss your shot slightly to the left or right, the green side bank will more than likely bounce the ball back onto the green.

Also, beware of overplaying approach shots. Thus, meaning that if you hit your approach shots either too long or too short. The wonderful greenside aprons are cut soo tightly. Which means gravity will send the ball running back down the hill into a swale or run off the green into the water!

Adare Manor Golf Resort, back of the 6th green
Back of the 6th green, note how tight the apron looks and say bye bye golf ball…

The 18th Holes

The runoffs are a feature to most of the greens, such as the front of the 10th green, 12th green, 15th and more the front of the 17th. However, the 18th hole will be a hole to be remembered. There is a river running parallel to the left of the fairway and golfers will have to cross over the river to play for the green or laying up to the front of the green. There is plenty of room to the right off the tee to avoid the river. However, the layup shot may be a problem dealing with a tall tree should your ball end up too far to the right off the tee shot. Ideally, the line off the tee is straight at the right side of the crossing bridge in the distance.

The 18th green is approx. 43 yards in length. The green is significantly raised 18th green with sharp/steep runoffs to the left side and at the back of the green. Leaving a really hard chip back onto the green. Also, since the green is mainly sloping towards the river! Dooley says; the best play is avoiding hitting a low shot into the green. Consider, laying up to the 75 – 100 yard marker and play a high shot into the green for the best chance to make BIRDIE!

Adare Manor Golf Resort
Adare 18th Hole – sloping towards the river – Adare Manor Golf Resort

What I liked about the course:

  • The Fairways: The ball sits up consistently on the fairways and the soil texture felt great hitting from the short grass.
  • The Greens: Green speed will be challenging and the slopes can be difficult. But I found the slopes were not at all too difficult to manage and read. However, if you miss a green and your chipping is suspect? I would suggest using the putter if the rough is not in the way.
  • Tee Boxes: Not a blemish and perfect.
  • The Caddies: The caddies in our group were excellent. Indeed, they were nice guys, good green reads, good yardages, and no second guesses.
  • Bunkers: Nice sand to play from and expect tough bunker shots.
  • General Holes: Yes the holes are a similar layout to the previous Adare. However, my view is that Tom Fazio has improved on the previous RTJ design.
  • Standout Features: What stood out from my first impressions, was how much work was completed clearing all the scrub along the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th & 17th holes. Finally, all 18 greens are all new but, the 1st, 5th, 17th & 18th are really different. Be concerned that the operation is quite new and the pace of play will be an issue at times.
Dooley Noted:

Adare is beautiful and just short of being a perfect presentation every day of the week. The course is a whopping 7509 yards from the Tournament tees with a slope rating of 131. Whereas the white/medal course plays 6505 yards with a slope of 124 and forward green tee measures approximately 5860 yards and a slope of 117. Therefore, the course can play a range of lengths ensuring that golfers can play the length of the course suited to their enjoyment.

Adare Manor Golf Resort Scorecard

Notably, that day I played the weather was overcast and damp, however, I did really enjoy playing the course. If you are looking for a golf course that is manicured close to perfection then Adare Manor is for you. However, if you are looking for a typical Irish Golf Club with its own identifiable personality? Adare is just opened with an emphasis on premium service. For this reason alone, service is great but it can be quite formal. Again, this is great if you prefer a formal service offering.

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