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Ireland Golf and Sightseeing Tours

What consists of an excellent Ireland Golf Sightseeing Tour? I would say, the golf course that you want to play with early tee times that would enable you to go sightseeing in the afternoon. Also, comfortable transport either by self-driving car rental or by private car. Identically, luxurious accommodations and really nice restaurants to dine. Clearly, you need a lot of spare time and expert knowledge to arrange the best experiences. The knowledge is knowing where to go, how to book, arrange and manage the itinerary correctly. The time is needed to ensure that noting missing and zero mistakes.

At Concierge Golf Ireland we manage the whole booking process for each item booked from start to finish for each of our customer’s itineraries. Certainly, each itinerary created shows the various tee times, hotels rooms, transport, where to dine and what to see.  Namely, each Irish or international golf tour designed is 100% customised to the customer’s requirement. Such as, where to play golf, the type of hotel standard and room type, the style of restaurants, what are the sights to see and good fun things to do. Concierge Golf  Ireland (CGI) is your professional & friendly full-service golf tour operator.

Where to play:

Simply, as a team, we need to decide where to play golf and the number of golf courses to play. CGI will take care of book the tee times and take care of the booking process from start to finish. Paying the deposits on time, ensuring the tee times are correct and pay the remaining amounts in accordance with the terms and conditions at each golf club. We work and are bound to the terms and conditions of each course we work with on our customer’s behalf.

To highlight the terms and conditions for most golf courses that we deal with. Is that some golf courses either require full payment up front or a percentage deposit on booking with the remaining amount required three months or two weeks before play. We find groups that book their own golf trips run into difficulties when someone forgets to pay on time or book to play the course on the wrong date! That’s a shocker, but it happens!

Where to stay:

Choose a hotel is not just about price but both price and location. There is nothing more irritating than a hotel charging an arm and a leg for the location with substandard rooms, breakfast, room floors not cleaned and polished properly. Certainly, the task at hand is not easy, but by visiting our selected partner hotels from time to time. We can see how the rooms are prepared and how the hotel service operates. Notably, we are selecting hotels to suit our customer’s needs and requirements.

Where to dine:

Dining out and about is very easy in Dublin, Cork, Clare, Kerry and Galway. Each town is full of wonderful restaurants and there are so many to pick from. At CGI we are up to date on where the good food and service restaurants are located around town.

What type of foods do you like? Also, what types of food do you not like? Would you like to try the local fresh produce? Certainly, all the restaurant types that we recommended are using in seasons and fresh local ingredients with their menus.  The types of eateries that you will find in Ireland are fine dining Michelin restaurants along with other standards of Michelin awarded restaurants. Mostly Irish restaurants are casual style dining, brasserie restaurants, gastropubs, pub grub, sandwich bars & cafes and if you are really stuck, the chipper!!! But, why not visit Ireland and see for yourself.

What to see:

Where to start! Ireland from Dublin to Rosslare, stop at the Famine ship memorial and then to Cork to see Blarney Castle and perhaps kiss the Blarney Stone. Drive the Ring of Kerry then along the Wild Atlantic Way to Lahinch to spot the Cliffs of Moher. Keep the Wild Atlantic Way on your left and drive along the Burren to Galway, through Connemara up to Belmullet. Making your way along to Sligo and onto the Inishowen Peninsula. Take the car ferry at Greencastle to Magilligan point ferry crossing onto The Giants Causeway. Stop for a whiskey Tasting at Bushmills and around the Antrim coastline into Belfast. Now the last leg of the whirlwind car trip; take in the Mourne Mountains as you motor your way to the Boyne Valley. Take in Newgrange, Adree Castle, then Dublin again. Fly home!

Within the above paragraph, there is so so so so much to see and experience in the various parts of Ireland. I have not even scratched the surface identifying most beautiful and rugged parts of the Irish wild countryside. What we do; is to investigate where and what you would like to see and do! The easy part is we supply a lost list of places to see and things to do. From there, let’s chat and form a plan! Not forgetting to point out sporting and music events happening during your trip.

What makes an Irish golf and sightseeing tour special?
Ireland Marathon Golf Cork Golf Club | Ireland Golf Sightseeing Tours
Father & Son Irish Golf Tour at Seve’s Tree on the 11th hole at Cork Golf Club, Cork, Ireland
What is your occasion?

Special memorable golf trips can come under many headings. It this your ultimate bucket list golf tour, father and sons or son, mother and daughters, family, friends, school reunions, golf club golf trip, company, the girls and boys golf trips? These are various types of golf experiences that are specific to you for the purpose of that trip.  The size of the group is important…

Pick your type of trip and establish your reasons for travelling. Then start by identifying the courses you would like to play and don’t forget to plan for extra fun activities around the golf courses you intend to play. For example, will you need extra activities for non-golfers that are travelling on the trip? If so, and we can provide a full list of activities to do while the golfers are on the links.

Great Self-Planning tips:

Great experience doesn’t just happen by chance, people plan and work on creating great events.  Notably, sometimes that planned experience works out a lot better than expected. However, buy your airline tickets early and save a few bucks. Also, keep an eye on the travel ticket prices on the various travel apps or websites like Skyscanner. Perhaps, purchase early to be sure of a flight but you can risk waiting a couple months in advance to find deals. However, that strategy may end up with centre row seats.

Essentially, if you are booking the trip by yourself. Do spend the time checking how long the travel time takes from point a to point b. Using google maps to estimate the travel times from your selected accommodation to the golf courses. Sometimes, the vehicle size might be tight on space and may I suggest to hire the larger vehicle as luggage space is important to the sanity of your fellow travellers.

Sometimes, the vehicle size might be tight on space and may I suggest to hire the larger vehicle as luggage space is important to the sanity of your fellow travellers. Also, consider buying excess car insurance before you travel. Additionally, do check with your car insurance provider that you might be covered for car rentals in Ireland or Scotland.

Weather… impossible to predict which month will be the best month to play golf. However, May to September can be great! Pick a time to go that suits everyone or the majority of the group… Send a weather note to the group the week before you are scheduled to depart.

Special occasions; do plan for indoor activities as one can never trust the Irish or Scottish Weather for outdoor events.

Finally, planning takes time and be prepared to put in the time and effort to locate the best things to do.

Golf Courses:

Please note that you may need to consider booking golf courses 8 to 16 months in advance to secure the best tee times. Some of the top golf courses that you would like to play are likely to be booked up as early as May to July of the previous year.

When you are creating your golf course route plan, allow plenty of travel time for the group to drive or be driven from your accommodation to the various golf courses. I would recommend that you could plan on dining approximately 5 to 6.30 hours after your tee time. You might like to spend a bit more time in the 19th hole before rushing away! Pick earlier tee times were possible and avoid the midday rush. (Between 8 am – 10 am are typically the better times to play) Also, early tee times means that you will make dinner at a reasonable time.


The size of the group and the type of accommodation is very importation.  Couples might like the idea of a county house bed and breakfast style. Identify what the groups’ requirements are and Country houses, B&Bs tend to offer more cultural experience than hotels. Again depending on the size of the group, hotels may be the better option for larger groups of 8 to 24.

Notably, for large family gathering; why not rent a Manor House for 16 – 40 persons with an onsite farm and vegetable garden. Enjoy on-call chefs, cleaning services, transportation, golf, equestrian and much much more. The main key to selecting good accommodation is nothing more than friendly hospitality. I understand price is important too, however great services is a must.

Dooley Noted Finally!

What makes a great trip special is great planning and everyone is on the same page. Each service that is booked, check and trebled check that all is ok. Don’t leave any question to chance. I have mapped out from the various sightseeing and golf tours that I have arranged. Is that is takes approx 40 to 60 hours to arrange a really good Ireland Golf Sightseeing

Planning takes time and we find it takes approx 40 to 60 hours to arrange a really good Ireland Golf Sightseeing Tour. Notwithstanding researching all the important details of what to do when the guys & girls are out golfing. Ireland is big and full of things to do for a small country.

If you need any advice on how to ensure you don’t miss any of the finer points of making a great golf & sightseeing tour even better? Contact us today to start the conversation about your next golf trip to Ireland or Scotland…

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